Freedom With Corrinne



What is it in your life you would like to feel ‘free’ from? 

Pain and discomfort are always a message and a sign that something within you needs your attention and is out of alignment.

Here are some of the ways our bodies are out of alignment:

Physical Body

  • Aches, pains, health conditions.
  • Feeling very tired. Insomnia
  • Weight gain or loss. 


  • Depression, Anxiety 
  • Feeling Stressed Overwhelmed, or Stuck 
  • Lack of Focus and Clarity 


  • Relationship issues. Partners / Children/ Parents / Work.
  • Unhealthy habits / coping mechanisms
  • Emotional over or under eating. 

Soul/ Spirit

  • Lack of passion or purpose.
  • Lack of joy and belief in oneself
  • Low energy and Low vibration

Our health and body are the barometer for the soul, so if you are suffering from any health complaints, physical, mental, or emotional know that this is a sign that something in your life is out of balance.

Something in your life is not in alignment with where your soul wants you to go and it is giving you a message, a nudge in the way of pain.

Once you have fully received and understood this message – the pain can leave.

Hi, I’m Corrinne, an Intuitive, Clairsentient & Claircognizant Energy Therapist & Embodiment Coach.

I work holistically to get you into alignment mind, body, heart & soul and to find freedom from what is keeping you blocked and stuck. I use innovative meditation techniques to tune in to your body and locate areas of blocked or stuck energy.

These 'blocks' ( old frozen trauma, unhealed pain/wounds, doubts, fears, etc ) are playing out subconsciously and creating a barrier that is standing in the way of you achieving what you want in life, so therefore putting you out of alignment.

Together we pinpoint the core of the issue and identify residual emotions and set about a course of treatment to release and peel back these layer by layer, putting you back into alignment and finding freedom.
Clients find that when the cause of the problem is acknowledged and integrated at heart, mind, body and soul level, their physical symptoms diminish and restrictive lifelong patterns start to resolve.

It is a joy to observe!

Soul Freedom Personalised 1:1 

This is a totally bespoke programme tailored to you and your individual needs.

We are all unique, with a unique set of issues and experiences, and a unique set of gifts and attributes. 

This in turn gives us a unique set of wants, goals, dreams and desires. 

It is important for us to connect and talk before I can put together and price your bespoke package based on all of these things , and most of all to make sure that I am the right person to help you to get the results and transformation you require. 

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