Freedom With Corrinne

Transformation Course

I am loving life to the full right now. Because I have a dream, a purpose, a mission.

Lockdown turned life on its head for me, in the space of a few months I felt like I had lost everything.

But I realise the result of this was to break me open so that I could breakthrough.

Do you have a dream?

Do you have a vision?

A sense of knowing that you are meant to be so much more than you are?

️Do you feel that something is missing in your life? That internal spark has gone out?

That you have lost touch with your joy, excitement and happiness?
Buried under a pile of laundry, menial tasks and responsibility?

Let me help reignite that spark within you, lets delve deep beneath the fear, the doubt, the worry, and the pain.

Because deep down underneath all of that is your strength, your courage, your passion, your fire.

I can help you to fully understand your fear and where it stems from and that it truly is just false evidence appearing real.

That no decision made from a place of fear is the right one.

️We were never meant to come into this world and live a mediocre life
We were never meant to overthink, to constantly worry, to spend our days feeling… stressed or feeling meh.

We were meant to make each and every day count.
To live our life with the biggest happiest smile on our faces.

– To go out there and grab life.
– Go for what we want.
– To god damn live life to the fullest and see every obstacle as an opportunity to learn from, for our growth.

What would your life look like if you were living it to the fullest?
What if you didn’t let doubt hold you back?
What if you truly believed in yourself and the power of the universe that you can actually get everything that you want if you align yourself fully?

I will help you to do just that in my 4-week transformation course!

What I offer

This course starts with a remote healing session where I first tune into your energy to pinpoint what is at the core of what is holding you back.

I then channel a healing activation audio for you to listen to as many times as you like to reactivate the healing and get the stuck energy to flow.

This is then followed by three one hour online face to face sessions.

We work really deeply to uncover, unpick and unlock these trapped and frozen feelings that are keeping you stuck.

Daily coaching, prompting, unraveling, getting between the layers, the doubts, the blocks, the outdated thought systems that are continuously running on repeat.

We put stop to that BS, and look at it clear in the face so it no longer holds no bounds.

I can help you get to the very core of what is holding you back.

Often these are childhood memories trapped in the subconscious and as our subconscious is 95% of our thoughts at all times this is really deep , transformative work.

I help you to connect back to your inner child and what it is she really needs so she doesn’t need to feel scared.

On a daily basis we get in-between the layers , we call out every single little story that is subconsciously running the show.

When these thoughts are made conscious we maintain power over them rather than them over us.

When we call out our BS it loses its power and we do this by honouring our inner voice of doubt, we let it speak, we show it the love and compassion that deep within your heart and soul you need to move forward.

– Be the best version of yourself.

– Go for that promotion.

– Get that business started.

– Do that thing you dream about.

– Overcome imposter syndrome.

– Put yourself out there.

– Feel sexy and sassy again.

– Reignite the passion In your relationship.

– Be the badass you were always meant to be and live that life!

Be the person and do what is in your heart and soul without fear and doubt stopping you.

Just imagine after the four weeks of us working together how energised and happy and excited you will feel. You will have that zest for life, you will have your head in the right place and of course negative thoughts will come up, as thoughts do that. But you will know what to do , you won’t let that stop you as you will understand yourself and your doubts and fears you will be unstoppable and ready to take in the world.

Please contact me for any bookings on 07795 421 800