Freedom With Corrinne

Connect Therapy


I understand that our mess is our message, it’s all part of our purpose along with our passions, our gifts and talents and what we are naturally good at and what we can give in service to the world and to help humanity.

Your life experiences, your pleasure, your pain; it’s all there for a reason but the reason is never clear cut – it's pretty cryptic. We have to be puzzle solvers, detectives, investigators, work it out, read between the lines, unravel the reasons and uncover the connections.

Most stress, tension and disease come from when we are not living in alignment with our true purpose. It is the voice of our soul that we are ignoring or not hearing and so it talks to us through our body with aches, pains or anxiety trying to get our attention.

From all of this I created my holistic therapy called Connect Therapy.

Being intuitive and clairsentient, I can connect to that part of you that you are hiding or you are pushing aside but you don’t even realise. I can connect you to that part of you that is screaming for you to acknowledge and pay attention to, for you to feel whole and balanced. The part you are so far withdrawn from that you don't even realise it is there, or how to access it. I have psychic touch and healing hands but I also intuitively know through my feelings where and why you are holding your pain and what you need to do to heal and release this.

As this feeling comes through during treatment, it happens in a very gentle but effective way. It happens layer by layer, giving you the opportunity to process the feelings and emotions that come up for healing.