Freedom With Corrinne

About Corrinne

Holistic Wellbeing Therapist and Empowerment Coach- Guiding you to Freedom and Fulfillment.

My purpose and passion is to help people to heal on a very deep level what is standing in their way. Whether it be in success in relationships, work, fertility, health and wellbeing.  We always attract what we subconsciously are feeling or what we believe we are deserving of; life will always reflect that back to us.  So I help to holistically release these trapped feelings so you can be free to attract what it is you really want.

My interest in health and wellness and anything mind, body and spirit began in my teens.

I was very health conscious, one of the reasons being that I was very self-conscious.

I have had a long and varied career in the health, spa and wellness sectors as a senior therapist, spa manager in central London, trainer and college lecturer.

I have worked on cruise ships and have trained therapists in various 5 star hotels, extensively travelling across Asia, Europe, Australia, America and the Caribbean.

As well as my own unique gifts, that I have brought from lifetimes before and the many guides that I know work through me as I become a pure and clear channel for healing, I have experience and qualifications in many fields.

These include Physical Therapy, many different Massage types and techniques from Eastern and Western philosophies, Reiki, Angelic Reiki Healing, Energy Medicine, Channelling, Mediumship, Psychic Studies, Spiritual Counselling, Inner Child and Shadow Work, Meditation, Psychology, The Subconscious Mind, NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Life Coaching and Empowerment Coaching.

I am consistently updating and fine tuning my own healing and vibration through self study and healing retreats.

My philosophy is that there is always a reason why you feel the way you do. For every physical pain or illness or dis-ease underneath it is an unfelt, and unacknowledged emotion, an untapped longing or soul yearning.

Not only am I an empath, I am also ‘clairsentient’ (to have clear or psychic feelings) which means I feel things really strongly and I take on the feelings and emotions of others as if they were my own.

I always thought my high sensitivity was a fault or a defect in my personality but I now realise it is actually a gift.