Freedom With Corrinne

About Corrinne

– Over 30 years in the health, beauty and Spa Industry
– International Health dn Beauty Diploma – Specialised in Massage

– Worked as a therapist, senior therapist , supervisor and manager

– NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life coaching

– Reiki, 1, 2 and Master

– Spa Trainer and Manager

– Teacher Training, Beauty lecturer, Assessor

I am an awakened energy healer and intuitive, a mum of two beautiful children 8 and 12. 

From a very young age, I have always had an interest in anything spiritual, mysterious, esoteric and metaphysical.

I always believed that your soul lives on and you have many lives. it was like a deep knowing but I never knew how I knew. 

As a teenager, I would love nothing better than to read books but they were never novels. They were always books about living a life of meaning, a life of purpose. 

 Early on in my career, I specialised in holistic wellness and beauty, with a very keen interest in the mind, body and spirit connection.

I have always wanted to know more and more about my specialised subject through courses, talks , webinars , plus I am always forever having various relaxing and healing treatments myself and I have tried every different alternative therapy going. My true passion! I guess what I was really doing was setting my own soul free. 

As I have experienced and made breakthroughs from all of the ‘different blocks’ in my own life. The most revolutionary being that when I turned around my infertility

So I have vast knowledge and various qualifications in all areas of mind, body and spirit including emotions. This includes anatomy and physiology, massage, life coaching, NLP, the chakra system, spiritual counselling, meditation, reiki, healing, energy medicine, channelling and mediumship, psychology and the subconscious mind, with my most recent study in the akashic records (past lives) and training as a medical intuitive . 

I have brought all of this together and blended these modalities and based on my experience and intuition created my own healing framework called Connect Therapy which is the basis of all of my healing.

I have spent the last four years perfecting this method. I have found that the more I have stepped onto my path, the more help, support and guidance I have received. I have invested a lot into really trusting and strengthening the connection I have with my spiritual team and guidance. 

I know I am very blessed to have such a lot of angelic presence and ascended masters that work through me to assist in my healing practice and power.

My gift is pinpointing that very thing that is keeping you stuck. The point of insertion where everything else has stemmed from:- all the patterns, the barriers, the lessons , the pain. The invisible energy blocks. I can help you to unravel all of that and get to the core of the issue so it does not need to keep presenting itself to you anymore. 

My magic is that I am able to tune into your body and locate areas of blocked or stuck energy. I can pinpoint the core of the issue and the unresolved emotions that reside.

Therefore resolving and bringing you freedom from the physical symptoms or patterns that are playing out in your health, life, relationships and success.

I work holistically with my unique healing framework to pinpoint a personalised structure and action plan to move forward physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What is it that you are longing for? 

What is it you feel you can never have? 

I can help you to uncover this and what is keeping you stuck.