Freedom With Corrinne

Connect Therapy Course

‘Connect to the messages of your body’

Over fortnightly sessions, this twelve week course is all about connecting you to that part of you that is in pain so that we can listen to what it needs to say. Finding where it needs to heal, what needs to be uncovered and expressed so that you can become whole and complete and connected.

The aim of this course is to connect you with joy, and fulfilment and ensure you are free from pain and suffering and free to just be you.

It is my belief that our body will always give us a message; be it pain, illness, disease, anxiety, addiction so throughout this course we uncover what it is that your body is telling trying to communicate with you so we can help it to heal and to no longer give out that message.

I recommend a 12 week course initially to really benefit long term from Connect Therapy. This allows you to make good progress and more sessions usually follow as people see the benefit and results if, even if there is a break between. I always say Connect Therapy involves continuous work.

A full session is 90 minutes. Every session is different depending on the clients needs that day. For example, we may do some healing followed by a massage (unless working remotely), maybe its more talking or if we are further on with the sessions, we may do some deeper work like Inner Child processes. Every session always ends with a card reading, where you pull a card and it always reflects the session we have just had.

The course consists of 6 x 90 minutes sessions at two week intervals. On the ‘off’ week I make sure to touch base by phone with the client to see how they are feeling and work out a rough plan for the next session. I am also always contactable during the course for anything that may arise outside of the sessions and catch ups.