Freedom With Corrinne

Discover How To Deepen YOUR Relationship

The deeper meaning of relationships Is to see within ourselves.

Intimacy – in to me I see.

We bring up our wounds or reflect our unhealed parts of ourselves onto our partner – the mirror to get to see within.

Not at the beginning – not the first part the honeymoon .
But when real life sets in, real Intimacy.

On a subconscious level the lust part – why you are attracted to them – makes the chemistry.

Sometimes the thing that attracts you at the start is what repels you at the end.

We have to be whole and happy on our own.
There is no other half for a happy, healthy relationship it has to be two wholes

The missing piece and bottom line in any failed relationship is that…

You cannot love anyone until you love yourself!

When you whole heartily love and accept yourself,
When you truly know your worth,
Then it doesn’t matter who doesn’t love you.

When you set and stick by clear standards and boundaries,
⁃ No one can treat you badly, no one will treat you any less – because you will not allow it.
⁃ You will tell them to go.
That is the place we all need to get to.

To know exactly who we are.
Exactly what we want.
But to attract that we have to be that.
So if you want someone who is healthy and looks after themselves.
You must be that too.
You must be the mirror.

If you don’t want to attract someone with insecurities then,
You need to make sure you don’t have any insecurities as your relationship will only mirror this back,

When you can fully understand and accept yourself , when you know what you want

you know what you don’t want.

And you can confidently walk away from a relationship knowing it’s the right decision.
As they cannot fulfil your needs or theirs.

I had this conversation with a friend the other day and she says, “but he treats me so well and could find that the next guy treats me bad”

But that is her perception that she can’t have it all.
Deep down she doesn’t believe she deserves it all.
A man who makes her lights her up and makes her feel alive.
Plus a man who treats her right.

No one can treat you a certain way unless you let it.

You are in control here, you are strong, you are enough and you do deserve it all 💖