Freedom With Corrinne

Healing Hearts Course

‘Heartbreak Package’

This is a 30 day/ four week package with a different 1:1 session every week to help heal and open your heart.

Everyone at some point in their life will go through a heartbreak. Even if the heartbreak was a longtime ago you may not of been in the right place emotionally to deal with this heartbreak to give it the due care and attention it needs to let it heal. To feel is the only way to heal but we have to be willing to do this. Otherwise what we resist will persist.

Healing our wounds is essential to moving on and attracting the right person in our life. Otherwise the wounded / unhealed part of us will just go on and attract a similar situation. Unfortunately we cannot out run our pain. We need to face it, go into it and just feel it. The very word emotion means energy in motion, it needs to move, it needs to flow so those emotions can be released.

In this safe and scared space that is created you can do just do that. Make peace with your past so that it does not affect your future.

The bespoke 4 weekly sessions include some or all of the following:

– Distance energy reading, tuning in to your energy chakras and sending healing

– Heartbreak process (an Inner Child Process).

– Cutting the cord process.

– Message of self love, acceptance, forgiveness  and compassion from you to your heart.  (Message from your heart to you process).

Complete package price – £333