Freedom With Corrinne

Health and Vitality Course

‘Emotional Eating Package’

This is a 30 day/ 4 week package. We look at the reasons why you may be over or emotionally eating. There is always another reason and usually this is linked to something missing in your life that you are trying to replace with food. What in your life are you deprived of right now? Is it sleep, love, appreciation, recognition, job satisfaction, motivation, inspiration; the list is endless. Of course it is different for everyone.

Once you recognise what it is that you are really craving we can use emotional techniques and processes to fulfil these unmet needs within.

Package costs includes a 30 day nutrition system to completely kick start you into a new healthy way of eating. This will help your body get back into complete hormonal balance and nutritionally give it what it needs. This will also really help to balance out your blood sugar levels and, more importantly, your cravings.

With this package we attack this issue on all levels- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The bespoke 4 weekly sessions include some or all of the following:

  • Distance healing and Energy reading sessions to tune into your energy chakras and see where anything is out of balance.
  • Personal meditation and audio recordings of the sessions to re listen to as many times as required to re activate the healing.
  • Emotional Void process (an Inner Child process) to find out what the unmet need is.
  • Forgiveness and acceptance message to your body message from your body to you.
  • 30 day nutrition system premium package with on going coaching, support and accountability throughout.
  • Isagenix Basic Weight Loss Package for 1 month.

Complete package price – £555