Freedom With Corrinne

If YOU are losing YOURSELF over a man...

Ladies If you are losing yourself over a man then it’s time to change.

He will never, ever be worth losing YOU over.
Because if it has had to come to that he doesn’t care.
Don’t ever wait to you meet someone else first before you have the strength to go. Find it inside.

Hold your head up high and be loyal and walk away for YOU no one else.
Because you know you deserve better and you won’t stop until you find it.

Before a women leaves a relationship she would of spent endless nights feeling empty and lonely, disrespected, unsupported.
Crying out to be seen and heard.
To be treated right.

To be told time and time again that things will change but they never do.
Putting everything and everyone else first before herself.
The times she was disappointed and felt so hurt.

 Men know that women don’t just wake up one day and decide to leave .
Their heart breaks over and over silently first.
Waiting in your waiting room, waiting for you.

And know when she stops nagging and getting angry and trying it’s not because you have won and she’s accepted it – it’s because it hurts too much to care anymore.

So ladies, don’t leave to find someone else – leave to find YOURSELF!!

Men – if you have a good woman appreciate her.
Because if you don’t she will find the courage one day to walk away.

Ladies…know and realise your true worth!
Love and honor yourself.
You only get one YOU!
Have high standards and boundaries and never ever settle for anything less.
Your man steps up or you step away!
Be strong enough, to be alone.

You got this!