Freedom With Corrinne

It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside if you don't feel it on the inside.


Nobody can make you feel truly happy until you find the happiness within you for yourself.

Nobody can make you feel a certain way , unless you allow them to. 

Nobody can make you feel complete until you start to fill the voids and empty holes yourself .

Truth no one can ever fully love you …until you fully love yourself

This can be the hardest thing to get your head around .

We want someone else to make it all better ! 

But the truth is – no one can ever heal you but you .

You have to love and integrate all of the parts of you! 

The parts that feel unworthy ,scared, lonely.
The parts that feel guilt, shame , pride 
The parts that are critical , egotistical, irrational.

The parts that are wobbly and dimply and not as perfect as you would like them to be ! 

The parts that are bruised , scarred and wounded . 
Or those wounded parts will keep attracting things to help them heal – painful things .

I’m so sorry body for so often hating on you – 
When all you wanted was my love .

I’m so sorry for using food as a means to try to numb my pain instead of facing that pain.

I’m so sorry heart ❤️ for putting a guard up , a brick wall around you to keep you from getting hurt . 

Im so sorry for putting a layer of fat around you that extra padding of protection to stop you feeling all of those feelings you didn’t want to feel . 

When all you ever really wanted was my love, my acknowledgment of the way you were feeling inside , rather than burying it deep .

It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside if you don’t feel it on the inside .