Freedom With Corrinne

Just Be You!

Then one day just like that , you realise that happiness was never about the job, the qualifications, the house, the relationship. the clothes, the items.

That happiness was all about you and what makes you happy, the listening to your heart, following what you know feels right inside, following it wherever it leads you, and trusting that everything will always be ok.

Happiness was always about finding yourself, being kinder to yourself, understanding why you do the things you do and fully accepting yourself for it. It was always about embracing you and everything that makes you you.

That happiness was never in the hands of anyone else, no one else can make you happy just you. The not following anyone else’s lead , just your own.
Happiness will always, always be about you and being enough being you. There will always be people that don’t like or resonate with that and that’s ok, they’re not your people. Keep doing you and do it proud. Its better to be someone’s glass of champagne than everyone’s cup of tea. Message for today…