Freedom With Corrinne

20 Jan 2024 - 22 Jan 2024

This is an incredibly powerful moment to set intentions, and not just for 2024.

It’s a moment to set intentions for your life.

Everything is shifting and changing, which opens the door for a massive surge forward —it’s a chance to envision a new beginning.

Now is the time to get on board with this energy to co-create with it and start building a whole new life for yourself.

This is an opportunity to leap forward – to fully accept and embrace who you are, your soul’s truth, to raise your consciousness and connect with others, and to let go of the mindsets and paradigms that have been holding you back.

It’s a moment to understand that consciousness is the new currency – and that success is not defined by what you accumulate materially.

Intention: Pluto represents transformation by way of death and rebirth, and it reveals the shadow side of whatever it touches.

Since 2008, Pluto has been in Capricorn, where it exposed the shadow side of our systems, financial and otherwise, starting with the 2008 financial collapse.

Now Pluto will change signs and move into Aquarius, which is a rare event. Aquarius is about consciousness, revolutionary energy, and innovative ideas. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, the French and American
Revolutions were taking place.

Aquarius is the opposite of Capricorn – it’s about the future, while Capricorn is about the past. So this year, we are in the crosshairs, the juxtaposition of letting go of the old and embracing the new

Aquarius is about being different, embodying your most unique self, and living outside the box

Because Aquarius is all about consciousness, we will be undergoing a transformation of consciousness. Now, at the beginning of 2024, is a crucial time to get clear about what you’re committed to.

Key Takeaways: Pluto moving from Capricorn to Aquarius is crystallizing a major theme of 2023: the choice between fear and love.

In 2023, you – and others around you – were meant to become aware of the ways you were keeping yourself small, or were giving your power away to relationships, systems, or mindsets that were ruled by fear.

Have you made that choice yet? Are you going to fight to hold on to what you’re comfortable with, what you were taught, or what “everyone else” seems to expect?

Or are you going to strip away the distractions, notice what you feel inside your body – and have the courage to embrace it?

Can you be your unique self no matter what others might think? Are you going to grow your spirit and expand your heart, or are you going to stay in a victim mentality?

Now is the time to evaluate if you are committed to the wrong things, and sticking with them out of fear. If they’re not right for you, there is no better time to change things. This is your chance to rise above outdated thinking like basing your sense of power on how you look, what you own, or what people are saying about you and commit to a greater cause.

Whether you’re pledging yourself to a relationship, your family, an ideology, a career, or a behavior, this energy is about trusting your gut, and being unflinchingly loyal once you’ve made that decision.

There are profound energies at play now, so pay attention to signs and synchronicities they are here to guide you to the right commitments.

If what you’ve chosen feels genuinely right for you, then this is the time to tap into your courage and go for it.

Pluto is going to transform what it touches, so shadow material will come out. Things that are hidden will be revealed. It intensifies things, but ultimately it cleanses.

Anything that is concerning Aquarius is going to be highlighted during this transit, but this will happen in a way that’s healing.
This energy will destroy whatever is not working or is out of balance. Pluto will come in and sweep it out.

Think back to March 2023, the last time Pluto entered Aquarius. What challenges, and breakthroughs affected your life then?
You can expect similar energy at this time.

This is a moment for you – and the world at large – to make a huge leap forward into a new approach and a new way of thinking

It’s important to ask yourself now: “Am I going to move along with humanity’s direction?” and, “Am I feeding and nourishing my spirit? How is it evolving?” and “Am I connected to something greater than myself?”

Because if you’re not, you’re likely putting your energy and your commitments into things that are not right for you. And this is the moment to change all that.

When you commit your efforts and set your intentions to manifest what is truly authentic for you, you’ll be filled with exuberance. You won’t be drained or exhausted.

Know that what you contribute in life is directly related to how you use your power.
It’s time to take responsibility for yourself and for what you put in this world.

Blog words written by The Pattern Astrological App.