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Everything starts here.

Everything you have in your life first started with a thought. 

The job you have, the car you drive, the furniture you have, the color of your walls, everything – you first had a thought about what you wanted, then you set out to find and look for variations of this, then you bought the one you wanted etc.

Everything start’s with a thought.

Your thoughts create feelings, which create energy & emotions. 

Your thoughts create things.

What you focus on grows.


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The physical body is the barometer for the soul.

Physical aches & pains, stress & tension, illness, disease, auto – immune and other health conditions is a physical signs that something in your life is out of balance and alignment.

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The heart is the ‘ powerhouse ‘ of the human body. 

What you feel in your heart is your truth. 

We need to start paying attention to the feelings and emotions that we feel here and to clearly express and communicate them. 

We need to truly honour our feelings, speak up when something makes us feel uncomfortable, and not just tolerate or accept this to keep the peace.

Everything else in our life needs to align with the energy in our hearts and our true heart’s desire.

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The soul part of us is the all knowing, higher self, higher wisdom. 

This is where you need to trust and surrender and let go. 

This is the part where you need to truly believe. Because you are the ‘U ‘ in your Universe  You attract everything to you by means of vibration and energetic frequency. It has to be a vibrational match – like attracts like. So everything in your external life is a reflection of your

You are also what you think

You get what you are – Not want you to want or desire. 

What you believe about yourself 

What you believe you are worthy of and deserving of.

So changing those inner beliefs, visualizing and getting into the feeling of what you desire as if it is already yours.