Freedom With Corrinne

The Empowered and Awakening Woman Course

Do you sometimes feel out of sorts and not sure why?

Do you sometimes feel disconnected to your joy and unfulfilled but not sure what it is that you really want or need?

Do you feel unhappy and unseen or heard in your relationship?

Do you suffer from anxiety, low mood, feeling lost and alone or any other health complaints such as auto immune disease, aches and pains, emotional eating or drinking, addictive habits, menopause.

When it comes to being healthy we are so much more than our bodies and our minds.

We have an array of emotions that need to be felt and understood, not brushed under the carpet. We have an energetic body that becomes blocked when we avoid and don’t regulate our feelings and emotions.

This energy needs to flow for us to feel our best. To feel alive, motivated and energised, to feed our heart and soul, to connect to our inner peace and joy.

If our energetic system is out of balance this manifests itself into dis-ease within the body, causing emotional, mental or physical health complaints.

In a world that seems full of stress and worry, how can you stay centered and grounded with a sense of peace and happiness within?

I am hosting an 8 week course for this very thing.

It will be a supportive and empowering circle where we will begin to understand how our emotions affect our energetic chakra system.

The different complaints associated with the different chakras being out of balance and how to correct this.

Come with an open heart.

Be seen, heard and understood and realise you are not alone in what you are going through.

Start to explore spirituality and the deeper meaning of your life and the journey of your soul.

This will be a course that will involve open discussion and support.

A safe space for women to express and understand themselves deeply.

Women who are starting to wake up and realise that there is more to life than a mundane existence and that this begins with the deep understanding and self love and acceptance for themselves.

To honour their feelings, speak their truth and that every experience they have had in their life has been part of their souls journey of growth and expansion:

Each session will start with a guided meditation. I have listed below a brief overview of the topics that we will cover and discuss each week.

There will be a Facebook group set up for everyone for ongoing questions and support.


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