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The Journey of the Soul

One of the main reasons we are here is for our souls growth.

We all have a soul but in this human experience we can easily forget that. Or forget the importance or the significance of it.

We get too caught up in the daily grind or what we think or fear or mainly what other people will think of us.

We get caught up in doing what we think we should or what is expected of us.

Basically we get caught up in being human , and we can be forgiven for that as after all we are ‘ONLY’ human.

But in fact we are actually all spiritual beings, having a human experience.

Our human body is just our jacket for this lifetime.

Earth is a school for souls.
The reason we chose to be human was for our souls growth.
Some are in nursery, or primary school, some university.

But the problem is we don’t learn this in school, nobody teaches us this. So no body understands and more to the point, people really have a hard time believing it!

Unless they have experienced some form of spiritual awakening themselves.

I have actually experienced many spiritual awakenings, things at the time I didn’t understand and that scared me a lot.

So overtime with my blogs. I am going to share my story, in the hope that it may help others that are experiencing similar things.

As very much a seeker in the truth. I have dedicated most of my free time to researching and understanding this very thing.

And what I have come to realise is, part of MY very purpose and my souls growth…

…Is to help other people through their souls growth…
To help them understand the deeper meaning of what they are experiencing.

So for my soul… to now grow… as it needs to I need to step outside of my comfort zone and fully embrace my mission.

I often suffer from hip and knee pain and I know that this is about moving forward. My soul, my spiritual, light body is ready to go. It knows full well what it needs to do.

But my human, physical self, my ego.

Says oh I don’t know. I’m not sure if I’m quite ready yet – what will people think of me – they might think I’m weird. They might think its all nonsense. They wont believe me. And I’m not really sure I’m ready yet to put myself out there and bare my soul!!

Because the human thing that I need to let go of is doubt. What my soul needs to learn is to believe in myself . To speak up and share my truth knowing that what I have to say matters, that people need to hear it.

I need to make my faith bigger than my fear.
That everything I teach, I need to learn too.

That I need to honor what is in my soul even though it feels so uncomfortable as a human being . It feels so uncomfortable to me personally as I am actually a quiet and reserved person. But this is my journey.

The journey my soul choose for its growth and I have to honor it, otherwise I know I will always be unhappy.

My body will always give me a message of pain. The less I listen the louder it will get.

The more ailments and health conditions and unhappiness will show up in my life as a big flashing neon light reminder that I am not listening , that I am going against what I agreed to come here to do.

If I am not acting on my truth or what is in my heart and soul because of fear.

Because of the doubt – the very things I need to overcome . Then I’m caught in a loop, there’s the repeating pattern that many of us get stuck in.

So, can you see what is happening to many other people who are not listening to their soul?

In jobs they don’t really want to do but have to for the money – the phrase selling your soul comes to mind.

Life becomes this mundane existence and it was never meant to be that.

And its not an easy journey to follow and listen to your soul. But its a rewarding one. Its not a quick fix . Its something that unfolds by following the breadcrumbs of what lights you up, of what call you, of speaking and living your truth.

Its about surrendering to the flow of life and not trying to control situations or hold on to people that want to leave.

…If I can just help people to understand that we are so much more than our physical bodies and minds.

…That the key to happiness is truly honoring what is in your heart and soul.

…If all i do is a plant a seed in peoples curiosity and open their minds a little more I will be happy.

Part of what I do in my 1:1 sessions is to tune into peoples energy, the area where they are holding their pain or tension and relay a message from that pain.
That message is from their soul. What their soul needs them to know.

Quite often it is a message that people don’t want to hear. Its the reason behind their resistance as it us something they don’t want to face.

Because everything we experience is for our souls growth. And unfortunately that may mean some difficult experiences in life but unless we learn the lessons and grow through these experiences – they will just repeat.

We can get stuck in the human loop so to speak. Unless we listen to our truth.

Understanding that our soul is on a journey of growth and that unfortunately happens by feeling uncomfortable. We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable .

Because your are going to be uncomfortable anyway with whatever pain is showing up for you that your soul is giving you as a message!

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