Freedom With Corrinne

📣 So I have some news to share. I am now divorced.

When I change my name back officially I will no longer be Corrinne Bishop but Corrinne Jenner again.

🌸 I’ve shed layers of physical clutter and emotional baggage. Like a detox for the soul and I’m over two stone lighter in weight.

📣 With all the changes lockdown has also forced me to make changes to my business. Through the first lockdown was the death of Re Nu U and the birth of FreedomwithCorrinne.

🌸Freedom is everything I now stand for!

🌸 Freedom from the limitations of your own mind, belief systems and generational conditioning.

🌸Freedom from heartache.

🌸 Freedom from emotional eating.

🌸 Freedom from pain a message from your body.

🌸 Freedom from repeating patterns.

🌸 Freedom to live the life you chose.

🌸 Freedom to do what you want when you want. (Though that has been severely tested through lockdown!)

📣 Watch this space as I will be spreading my message of freedom and my treatments and courses to support this. 

🌸Thanks to everyone who has been supportive to me along my journey. 🙏

📣 Just a reminder to everyone the only sure thing in life is change.

🌸 Remember that life is always, always happening for you, never to you. Look for the lesson, what is it teaching you? How is it helping you to grow? 

🤩 We need to roll with it It’s only when we try to control it too tightly it becomes painful.

Be free! 🦅