Freedom With Corrinne

Treatment Courses

All of the above courses can be run remotely online through zoom or telephone as well as in a face to face, hands on setting, local to Bexhill or Horam.

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Connect Therapy Course

‘Connect to the messages of your body’

Over fortnightly sessions, this twelve week course is all about connecting you to that part of you that is in pain so that we can listen to what it needs to say.
Complete package price – £555 remotely/ £695 in person.

Health and Vitality Course

'Emotional Eating Package'

This is a 30 day/ 4 week package. We look at the reasons why you may be over or emotionally eating. There is always another reason
Complete package price – £555

Healing Hearts Course

'Heartbreak Package'

This is a 30 day/ four week package with a different 1:1 session every week to help heal and open your heart.

Complete package price – £333

The One Good Egg Course

'Fertility Package’

This package is for 6 months and includes 3 months of the nutrition package.

Twelve fortnightly bespoke healing sessions, including full moon releasing ceremonies – £1,990

Deep Release with the Moon

'Full Moon - 1 Week Treatment Ritual'

It is no coincidence that the cycle of the moon has twenty eight days the same as a woman’s menstrual cycle. Click here to get started.

Completer package price: £222


New Beginnings Course

'Beautifully Bespoke Package'

This package consists of three 1:1 sessions completely bespoke to you and what is happening in your life at the current time.
Complete package price – £222

Please see Hands on Therapy Page for more details.


Many of the processes that I work with are very deep within with your inner child. So it may bring up some emotions within you that have been laid dormant.

This is only a good thing however in the short term, as if you were detoxing, it can feel uncomfortable.  Symptoms can include headaches, nausea, even being sick or just generally feeling unwell (known as a healing peak).  These symptoms vary from person to person and can depend on how ready you are to let go subconsciously and process past trauma.